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legal name cassian lee aliases casper, cassie, cilla morgan date of birth + age march 30, 1997 + 26 physicality 183cm & 65 kg + intersex hometown san francisco, ca residencies London, Minnesota & New York relationship status unattatched occupation author + pretty boy + cazern east coast leader
Somebody told me to lean into the punch. Whether or not the advice was sound has never mattered to Cassian. You do or you don't in this life and from the very start of things, it has not mattered whether something cooled down or simmered over lids; it only mattered that it did something. Being second to last of a set of nine is no simple task but Cassian slipped into it with ease. In fact, he slipped his way through most things — cracks of attention were especially simple to move himself down through. Never forgotten for longer than a few minutes but left behind occasionally all the same, Cassian understood how easy it was to be lost in the wait.

At least, always, there was Serah. Being able to feel and thrive off the gifts of your siblings is equal parts blessing and curse. Being 8th out of 9 is also its own kind of tricky reward. His parents had come to a routine, and although Symon's mind sometimes skipped a beat he was never an ill hearted father or a failure at taking care. There aren't stories about Cassian and Serah going without lunch or not being showered; there are a few hand-me-downs and not much else that could even be expected of such a large clan. Love did not lack in the slightest. But weirdness was just as abundant as all the heart. So Serah was the comfort, the watchtower in the storm.

Together, they ran their own time. They spoke their own language — one they keep up with to this day — and they made their own points. When the car ran off and Cassian was left in the parking lot, it was Serah that broke through the noise and reminded them of the missing head. When Cassian was left on a ride at Disneyland, Serah was the one tugging at sleeves for someone to go back and grab him. And every time, Cassian did wait; he knew his place to stand there and figure out his time. He learned, that way. Watched people. Grew interested. It had its own little trick gifts beyond his twin sister and her special heart.

The interest in writing came early and often. Poetry, at first. It wasn't great — a bunch of broken thoughts that came together and got him interest from teachers and classmates. But stories were where it really began. Option to write short stories to go with his projects. Choosing to recite stories aloud for presentations no matter what kind of class he was taken. Cassian wanted for creativity and it wasn't true enough with music or dancing or art; all those things worked casually, helped him find happiness as hobbies, but writing was the only thing that really took him completely away from any of the awkwardness of living.

Life is grand and, wouldn't you like to have it go as planned? Things are never an easy connection of the dots. Lights over a canyon are not always stars trying to guide one home, after all. So Cassian's life has never been direct. It was studious and it was carefully constructed but never easy. There were screams of metal and there were u-turns sharp on highways and there have been friends and lovers and, eventually, a kind of luxury. But, like a moth to flame, he was never distracted from his goals easily, either. Even when scholarship and Harvard added up to just not enough and he had to take on a fake name for romance writing, Cassian found his way to stories and others.

Which is what lead to the eventuality that has kept Cassian in a kind of flutter-by of starlight and heroics. Each of the siblings had seen their share of battles. Their strengths were faultlines that would tremble when danger got too close and danger, it had a way with the world. Cassian flutters, it's what he does. He follows an odd stray of light until the source makes sense and becomes of him. Stories and adventures. And that's why, when Serah spoke about the way the world needed more heroes, needed Cazerns to become some flourishing entity that didn't just protect but save and prevent? Cassian knew what he had to do.

Somewhere between Peter Pan and Superman, Zero was born: a hero in the Cazerns who lived as the others, shrouded in mystery and safety so no one could find out their identities. Sometimes, Serah has felt it, has thought it, but the conversation has not been had. She feels safer and that is what matters; the world is better and that is what is important. Because it has to be saved and lovely to keep chasing after all the little ranks of lights waiting around to be found.

Congratulations, you hit the mark. The leader of the Cazerns died and Cassian, in all his efforts, rose up enough into the structure to be left with responsibility weighing in on him to the point of needing a pause from anything else in life. New York on the horizon more permanently, boys shaped like glass and futures broken into troubles, but the world is safer for it and he watches, and waits.

Speaks several languages fluently.
Makes the best pizza in the family.
Dyes his hair every few days.
Academic scholarship for Harvard.
But baseball financial aid helped.
98 MPH fastball, left handed.
Caledula tea, daily. Needed!
Large collection of kintsugi.
Hydroportation is comfiest.
fully intersex, like serah
submissive to the right people.

Classically trained piano player.
Can also play the violin and guitar.
Wears contacts to hide his eyes.
Trained in Wushu and Wudang Quan.
Skilled ice skater and surfer.
Reforms as ice when he breaks.
A diversified small fortune.
privately male, but ambiguous hero.
long showers, baths, or swims.
he truly hates wearing shoes.
Cherry flavored desserts, please!

business Miriam Burnham (agent) | Alex Dominguez (editor)
personal Malcolm Kim (music) | Miles SB (mind) | Kiarra Pierce (lunar) | Rikuto Aoyagi (artist) | Uma Wailing (cuisines) | Lex Scott (specialist)
pleasure Dustin Gilland (ex) | Erik Matthew (ex) | Maxwell Caballero (ex)
meyer-briggs infj-t
likes: wax seals, folk-pop, red grapes, kolach, karaoke, wigs, dermot kennedy, camping, sunrise, rosé wines, midnight meals.
dislikes: sylvia plath, dakota johnson, conspiracy writers, cartoons for adults, professional gamers.

shifting climates thermokineticThe gift of the rise and fall of matter, Cassian's main abilities formulate a nature most commonly known as a thermokinetic. That is, he is in total control over both internal and external temperatures surrounding himself, allowing for the generation, control, and dismissal of both heat and cold in base and pure forms. From light to plasma, from moisture to solid ice, Cassian's influence is near limitless.

Currently, esoteric natures are the most difficult to formulate and master, but Cassian can shift living forms of fire and ice into organic structures such as clothing and flesh again, which is done through magical and un-controlled means.

At his core, Cassian is a male-presenting intersex female, existing as a nebluous core of energy that affects and formulates the flesh that exists as the male-looking form known as Cassian Lee. This is a trait shared with his twin, Serah Lee, who is a female-presenting intersex male.

Née Jeon. Born and raised in the Plzeň region of the Czech Republic, Rashel was at Oxford studying business administration when she and Symon met in a theology course. He made her laugh in such a way they lost hours together; as soon as they graduated together she knew she wanted to never leave his side. She moved to America a year after they met and they were married just five months after. Rashel was pregnant before they had a pause to enjoy beyond honeymoon. Never one for regrets, Rachel gave birth to Sylas and Amos while she got herself licensed in real estate after befriending another wife who wanted to launch a business. It took off and, in time, she became the money maker while Symon stayed at home to raise the children. She worked through every pregnancy from Ezra onward, never knocked aside as she and Ruth Grassi launched R'n'R Homes into a thriving business for both to enjoy. burning phoenix
pb: ha ji won  ⊗  dob: 29, june '66

Personal trainer at Diakadi gym with options for at home visitation. First born of the Lee children, Sylas is took the long way around to things. It was his constant experimenting that lead way for Rashel and Symon to understand how to really parent but, thankfully, Sylas hasn't really ever had the capacity to resent his siblings for it. In school, he was a star jock, but he went backpacking through Europe instead of going the college circuit and there after it took him some time to find his way through to personal training. He's certified now and Cassian and he are in discussion to launch a gym when he feels he has enough influential clients under his belt. Sylas is married to a a 49ers cheerleader named Jessica Lee (Née Cordova). scales & claws
pb: kim bumki  ⊗  dob: 19, june '89

Project manager at Estée Lauder. Ezra was the first real brains of the children, a kind of book-hungry kiss ass who wanted only to do better and better. His interest in chemistry stemmed from being able to use soothing scents and lotions to keep himself from turning into an emotional beast and, as such, lead him into becoming a perfumer who now helms new developments at a massive cosmetics company. Ezra is married to the director of programs for the Tory Burch Foundation named Claire Lee (Née Davis)hulked out
pb: jang sung hoon  ⊗  dob: 12, november '91

Owner and head stylist at Oro Salon, which Cassian co-owns. Asher is a whip and always has been. The smallest of the siblings, Asher makes up for it in large personality and loud, commanding voice. He cared neither for books nor physique and instead went into the eyes of fashion. Not interested in styling full bodies as he is with hair, he worked up enough of a business plan and client base to get Cassian to agree to invest in opening a salon with him. Business has expanded to a second location and that makes Asher, and Cassian, thrilled. Asher is also the first homosexual of the siblings. transmissions
pb: park jun hee  ⊗  dob: 02, january '94

Clown Entertainer & licensed magician. Kenan is a Peter Pan in the flesh, except he knows how to handle his paychecks and get his bills done on time. But his energy has and will always be full of youth, and fun. He was the prankster and clown growing up so it's only so surprising that he wound up in a field of show and foolery. His goal is to work up enough of a repertoire for a Vegas act one day but he currently does birthday parties and the occasional cruise show for seasons at a time. fifth element
pb: choi byungchan  ⊗  dob: 12, february '96

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Symon has never learned to pity the boy who used to run and thrive. Instead, he embraces what has become of him; the car accident when he was 9 only weakened him and that was worth working around. His nature grew that day, the same, and though the water brought him back and beyond his normal strength, Symon didn't think of it as something worth using as a crutch. Instead, he wanted to go into law, help people who needed protection from being crippled by injuries and accidents the way his own parents were. At Oxford, he met Rashel, and he worked his ass off to get them enough money to take a break the third time she found herself knocked up. He was more than happy to stay at home with his children until later in Cassian's own life that he returned to his lawfirm and made partner. divine leviathan
pb: lee jong kyung    dob: 28, oct. '67

Elite Trained Scuba Instructor with license for rescue work. Amos wasn't quite the big shot jock growing up that Sylas was but he was never too far behind, either. Track and field instead of football, he was a running king before his senior year of high school when working as a lifeguard gave him a calling. He lives in Hawaii now and occasionally Bali and Australia just teaching scuba diving and working on volunteer missions at reefs. null points
pb: bang sung hoon  ⊗  dob: 15, may '90

A chef and restaurant owner. Samson likes to liken himself to the most attractive of the family and mostly, he's right. But what he earned in looks and physique he lacks in general common knowledge. He's always connected more with food and animals than he can people, which has lead to a lot of revolving door relationships. But he is an amazing chef, Michelin Star Winning now, and Cassian is always glad he helped his bro get out from under another chef's thumb because of it. He deserves room to grow and thrive. Samson is the first bisexual of the children. water crowns
pb: seo kang joon  ⊗  dob: 12, october '92

Intellectual property and mergers lawyer at McKinsey with Symon. Marcus was always very cut and dry, so much so that it made Cassian seem like a colorful child when he came along. Efficiency before all other orders is his utmost priority. He went into law not to work with Symon but to carve his own name out into the world, wanting to handle the businesses that handle the world. He's engaged to the CEO and owner of an advertising firm named Rose Pitman. wormhole jumps
pb: park bogum  ⊗  dob: 16, april '95

Medical Intern at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. Serah and Cassian are as close as twins can get, and even when he would be forgotten as a child it was Serah who finally got through the chaos to remind her parents that her brother was missing. Of the siblings, Serah and Cassian have the strongest senses of one another and can channel each other the easiest, though Serah is far more capable of surviving without Cassian than the other way around. Like Cassian, Serah is a being of pure energy who manifests elements into an organic intersex body she chooses to influence. On her own, Serah looks something aking to supernova remnant and together with Cassian they make into floating orbs similar to the butterfly nebula. Serah's hormones match Cassian, but are known as Ozone Adenine Ribose (O-AR) and Abio Adenine Ribose (A-AR) to influence air and earth alike. She's currently "rooming" with Kylie Remington, a fellow intern; only Cassian knows she's dating Kylie. air & earth
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