the rise and fall
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cassian lee
dying matter
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a child of nine heads
the wet and the cold
the hot and the dry
the fantastic mystic
Each of the Lee children exists as a singular entity of greater-than-human nature, but together are at their greatest potential: the varied lifelines of one single hydra-like existence. The children are all physically enhanced within their cranium and spinal columns to manifest various hormones, chemicals and organs that generate and source the nature of their powers. Because of the similarities and a shared essence, they can share their gifts with one another and, if turned against each other, cannot be harmed by one another's gifts.
Cassian's medulla and hypothalamus both work together to generate a hormone now referred to as adenine ribose acetylcholine (AR-ACh) which overrides his body temperature and the nature of his muscle mass to keep himself from going rigid while absorbing enough heat to create an arctic reaction within himself and in his surroundings. AR-ACh converts latent thermal energies to allow for a constant cold to roll out from Cassian's internal organs outward, allowing him to create an absolute zero within a block of his presence in a tenth of a second; he can extend outward for a mile in all directions, as well, allowing him to affect the planetary atmosphere if he pushed too far. AR-ACh also affects Cassian's medulla by altering his eyes and hair to cyan and lapis shades.
As life has gone on, Cassian's brainstem has also developed a second regulatory thermal genetic known as adenine ribose triiodothroxine (AR-TX) which works alternatively from AR-ACh to increase temperatures. Both hormones seem to absorb various food-stuff energies from consumption to affect a kind of constant use capacity meaning that as long as Cassian has the energy to exist, he as the energy to alter temperatures to both cold and hot, freezing and burning the moisture and atmosphere around himself as he so sees fit. AR-TX impacts his medulla by influencing copper and auburn signatures in his eyes and hair; together, with AR-ACh his body is now split. His right side is Fire and his left is Water.
As control over water and fire grows, so too does Cassian's influence in using both at once. He can split the essences of his body into both heat and cold at once, impacting all measures of moisture and solid matter. He can uniquely conjure ice-fire and fire-ice as he sees fit, and eventually could impact total thermal natures on a massive scale. For now, it is mostly simpler forms and structures, esoteric and conceptual rather than final and absolute.
“We are wild youth; chasing visions of our future.”
“You enter into me, a lie upon your lips.”
“Drink water and gold dust; live on impatience.”
“Am I wild enough for you?”